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Procurement Services


Procurement is part of the Finance Division and our role is four fold:

  1. to help departments maximise value for money at a time when budgets and resources are becoming increasingly stretched;
  2. to support the University's need to demonstrate to interested external bodies such as the Research Councils' and OfS that the necessary controls and procedures are in place to ensure that public funds are spent wisely;
  3. minimise risk in transactions with third parties through the use of appropriate contracts and controls; and
  4. facilitate the most effective and efficient means to buy relevant goods, works and services in a sustainable and timely manner.

The Head of Group Procurement co-ordinates the formulation and dissemination of the Procurement strategy for the University over the whole range of non-pay spend. The Procurement strategy of the University is owned by the Procurement Strategy Group (PSG).

They are also responsible for the Procurement Procedures which provides the framework of best practice for use by departments and Institutions of the University and forms part of the University's Financial Regulations and is Chapter 4 of the Financial Procedures Manual.

How can Procurement Services help?

  • Provide advice and assistance to management and staff on procurement and purchasing matters which will enable departments to follow best practice; realise benefits and achieve value for money when procuring goods and services.
  • Provide guidance and information on contractual matters; terms and conditions, grant conditions of awarding bodies and EU/any relevant legislation.
  • Assist departments in reducing the total cost of the procurement process.
  • Supply and deliver Procurement training to staff, enabling them to have the skills appropriate for the financial level and strategic impact of their purchases.
  • Support users of the iProcurement module of the University's Financial System.

And also:-

  • Research key supply markets, assess the competitiveness of the various consortium agreements available to the University, and set up University-wide agreements as appropriate.
  • Disseminate to Departments information on agreements for use by the University, the suppliers, products and other news relating to purchasing. 

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